Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coffee Anyone???

Ok How many of you live on coffee??  I do.  All day every day.

 For a long time my hubby would go to Starbucks and get 4 iced latte's with 3 splenda, hold the ice.  I'd drink 2 of those a day so we were spending over $15 in 2 days for my fix.  Finally I tried a few different combinations and came upon one that I liked as much (almost) as Starbuck's latte's.

After drinking those for months and months, this Christmas I got myself a Keurig!!

Oh the joy of a nice tall cup of hot coffee in the mornings!  I think the pods are a bit expensive so I got a resualbe k-cup but it didn't work with my model.  Crap I now have 2 of those unuseable things floating around in my kitchen.  But I did find one that fits so I use it a lot.  I also use some instant coffee with 2 splenda and milk for a good cup of latte as well.  Cold or hot I gotta have it.
If any of you find a good deal on the pods please let me know.  I use like 4 of them a day. 

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